1.6.1 Not Activating in Reaper and others


So I just bought 1.6.1 from PluginBoutique. I’ve installed to my VST 32 and 64 paths on my C drive, alongside many other working VST’s.

Am running Reaper 5.963 64 bit on Windows 10 home 64 bit. I think this is Win 10 1803. 4 core processor, 6 gb ram.

So, Scaler does not load into Reaper, neither the 32 or 64. It’s not available to choose from the plugins list. I’ve cleared the cache, rescanned, etc. All my other VST3 plugins, parallel to the new Scaler are fine.

I can’t get the Scaler GUI to load, much less load my license file.

What i’ve done so far.

  1. Reinstalled Scaler to default paths, then restarted Reaper/Rescan. Does not work.
  2. Tried loading Scaler into a generic VST host. Scaler 64 crashes it. Scaler 32 is just bypassed.
  3. In Reaper I disabled ‘scanning for names’ in the plugins dialog. That got scaler into the plugins list, but the plugin is then disabled by Reaper on the track. ‘Cannot load this plugin’.

Am pretty frustrated. Have spent a couple of hours now on this.

Looking for some help here to a) get this to work. b) downgrade to a Scaler that will work (1.5?). c) help getting a refund so i can move on.

Thanks for your support.

Of course support won’t reply, even after a week.

Probably absolutely clueless about what’s wrong with their product.

So much for standing behind your work, eh guys?

Hi @rockmachine

sorry about the late reply, I was only notified of your latest post for some reason.

I can run Scaler in Reaper 64 on Windows 10 here on my test machine.
I would advise to try uninstall any previous version of Scaler and maybe even search for any remaining files on your disk (search for “scaler” and “scaler_x64”) and delete any previous version that could still be present.

Then restart your computer and run the latest installer (1.6.1) using the default settings.

In case you don’t have the latest Windows updates from Microsoft, I would suggest looking at this thread as some users have run into issue because of a missing update and it can be resolved by simply installing a package from Microsoft: FL Studio Plugin Manager - “error” - Windows 10

Let me know if this helps with your issue, and sorry again for not replying to your original thread.