1.6.1 Sustain pedal not passing through Cubase

I am on 1.6.1 of Scaler in the latest version of Cubase on macOS Mojave and Scaler is not passing sustain pedal data through the plug-in. I have seen this mentioned a few times around here, but you said a fix was coming back at 1.5. This is still not working. If there is something I am missing here please let me know.

This is a VST3 issue it seems. The VST2 version works. You guys need to get your VST3 version updated…

You are right, just tested with the VST2 and it seems to work well.
We will have a look at this before the next update. Thanks for reporting.


I am happy to hear you are going to fix this!

Glad I found this topic. I’m trying out 1.7 right now and was wondering why my sustain pedal info was not being passed by Scaler to my VSTi track. I’m on Cubase 10, Windows 10, Scaler 1.7, using the VST3 version.

Is this going to be fixed soon? Seems like it keeps being promised for next update but doesn’t get done…
In the meantime, I guess I’ll use the VST2 workaround that other users are suggesting …

Hi @metrosuperstar,

It is not entirely up to us in regard to this issue as it relates to the VST3 standard and differences in its implementation in DAW.

In the meantime, using the VST2 is best, and as soon as a solution is found, we will release an update with a fix.