2.08 Keyswitch Note Plays on First Trigger C1 to D1

When using D1 to Switch from C1, D1 note plays but is not passed through to other tracks. This only happens on the first play through of the D1 pattern.

I tested C1 to E1 & F1 and E & F 1 to D1 and things functioned as expected.

p.s. Hey Ed, you, Davide and your team have done a great job! Unlike most other “upgrades”, this is a really big step forward and very cool to boot! Tx!

Live 10.1.14 on OSX 10.14.5

Hi @jeffreyk

thanks for reporting. Do you mean that the note (D1) is not propagated correctly to other tracks listening to Scaler ? This would be normal if D1 is bound or used as a keyswitch. This is to prevent triggering sounds in external instruments when trying to control Scaler.

There is definitely an issue if it happens on first play through only. We will have a look and do some testing.

I wasnt very clear. When in playback mode where all the Patterns are visible at once, D1 plays on the Scaler instrument as an audible note when switching to a pattern bound to D1 from the previous pattern bound to C1. When switching from patterns bound to E or F to a pattern bound to D1, the D1 notes does not sound.

Even though the note plays on the Scaler instrument, the midi does not pass through to other instruments.

The D1 note only plays when the switch event occurs. On the next play through of the pattern bound to D1, the D1 note is silent.