2.1.1 Cakewalk issue

Win 10 2004
Cakewalk 2020.09
Scaler 2.1.1 inserted as instrument.

2.1.1 is affecting or defeating mouse left doubleclick.

In track pane I attempt to edit track name by mouse left doubleclick. Track name edit window does not open as it normally does.

File Open and then mouse left doubleclick on filename does not open file as it normally does.

Delete 2.1.1 instrument track and Cakewalk performs normally.

Insert 2.1.0 and Cakewalk performs normally.

2.1.1 vst2 and vst3 misbehave identically.

I have the same issue. I also found it does this in Reason 11 also. Interestingly same issue when I try any file operations. I cannot double click on a folder to open it.

The same problem is happening in my Reaper (6.14) and Scaler 2.1.1, Reaper functions that depend on double left mouse click don’t respond (like rename, tracks or item creation and others)
All turn normal again when Scaler is closed or set it bypass in fx window. The problem occurs in both Windows 10 and 7 and it seems to only affect the DAW, not the OS. There are no problems with file operations either at my end.

Same issue to report here.

Latest Windows 2004 and latest Cakewalk Build.

Thanks for reporting, we are working on a fix:

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