2.1.1 causing graphical glitches in reaper

Using Reaper 6.13 on win 10, 3 monitors (all a bit old so not high dpi or anything)
when i load up reaper 2.1.1 and move the window around it glitches out a little flickers and sometimes appearing in a different part of the screen for a split second. The even odder thing is, it causes other VSTs to behave the same way… remove scaler from the project, and things are back to working fine. will revert tp 2.1.0 for now

I have a GTX 760 if that helps

oh yeah, i think that was the vst3 version

Can any Windows Reaper users confirm if these graphic glitches are fixed in 2.1.2… I want to update, but don’t want to lose time having to revert if it’s still there.

Hi @fretnoize

2.1.2 is a lot more stable than 2.1.1 and particularly on Windows. My guess is that it will resolve your issue. Other users have reported Scaler affecting other plugin windows in 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 has fixed this specific issue.

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Thanks for the info! I’ll try it out