2.3 update

Having trouble updating to 2.3. On a mac 27inch, mavericks, 32G ram. Any step by step for an old idiot? Thanks

What trouble? What happens when you install?

I unzip the file, double click the DMG to get it going, finishes, restart and can’t see it as NEW in LPX 10.14.6. I can’t see it in the library nor components either.

I might be wrong of corse but I don’t think the updated version of plugin will show as NEW. From DAW perspective, updated plugin is the same old plugin (with new internal organs :wink: ).
Are you able to start the plugin from your DAW? It doesn’t matter - old or new version.
If so, please click on Scaler logo and check the version (small font, bottom left corner).

If you can not access the plugin at all, you might need to check installation log as something went wrong.
Find Console.app and open it; go to ‘/var/log’ on the left side; choose ‘install.log’ file; type ‘Scaler’ in search field (left-top side). Look for errors :wink: