2.4.1 released!

Just downloaded from Pluginboutique !

Many thanks to Davide and team !


Just for those who need to know… :grinning:

  • Content & Playback

    • New Common Phrases (Chordal & Progression)
    • New Basic Performances
    • Improve timing precision - Fix timing offset in recorded performance, prevent short notes from being added to recorded MIDI at looping points and prevent hung notes.
    • Add the ability to Quantise and Latch chords with Perform mode OFF
    • Fix “Chord+Melody” playback to avoid creating overlapping MIDI notes.
  • MIDI Mapping

    • Add the ability to manually select the MIDI CC to map from a dropdown when creating an action.
    • Add the ability to map “MIDI Panic” to a command binding
    • Add the ability to bind dropdown menus’ “Previous” / “Next” command to a MIDI CC
    • Add new assignable commands for keyswitch actions (toggle chord/scale mode, toggle chord mute, switch melody patterns)
    • Add the ability to disable keyswitch (green keys) from the side menu.
    • Add the ability to override an existing command mapping.
  • Other Improvements

    • Fix - Extracted Voicing - Avoid creating an extra gap in octave when re-voicing extended chords
    • Include inversions when exporting MIDI markers (slash chords)
    • Fix multi-selection not applying changes when modifying multiple chords in EDIT matrix
    • Keys-Lock - “Scale Notes Mapped” profile now prioritise the natural position of each mapped note correctly.
    • Forcing a chord set into a scale now refreshes the chord colours and Section B properly.
    • Multi-selection of chords are now moved properly when dragged from a Section C pattern into an empty pattern.
    • Fix an issue causing the Keys-Lock settings to be lost when entering/exiting the Chord-Edit view.
    • Dragging a single chord with an expression ON now exports the duration of a single chord instead of the duration of the whole pattern.
    • Fix a bug in the generation of modulation pathways creating duplicate suggestions in Modulation Popup.
    • Fix an issue preventing the transposition of “Community” chord sets.
    • Fix an issue causing the “…” button to appear in the wrong location
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