2.4 how can press more than 1 trigger keys at once to play bass and chords?


I like do on my keyboard chords, bass, sequence, arps. each should be 1 octave in width and i wish copy a chord to 1 octave higher in edit mode. this features i not find and problem is that i can not press 2 keys together. I use active key binding true scale. I read manual and know how i can switch a trigger key to sequence. arp or chord or bass or rythms with the groups. i create diffrent groups but i am not able to press 2 trigger keys at once so i can play bass and chords depend on keys i press

how can this done ?

Welcome @benny to the world of Scaler! It sounds like you are trying to do keyboard splitting into different instruments for different octave ranges. I am not sure this can be done in ONE Scaler instance. When I do stuff like that, I use multiple DAW tracks each armed for MIDI input, with each Scaler mapped to a different keyboard range (like the classic workstation keyboard splits). Or you can use plugins like Unify, that help you with the key split across instruments.


use more instances is alot of work and make no fun for me. see my screenshot. i have create 3 rows. with the orange button i can only map 1 row to my keyboard.

maybe there is a way that i can map it so i can trigger keys of the 3 rows play together. if there is in each row a output channel and a root key is best. so i can set row 1 to c2 row 2 to c3 row 3 to c4 and have easy fun and can be creative. or maybe set all rows to same trigger key and 1 key play chords bass and sequence.

I see what you mean, in the current Scaler version you can only play one chord at a time. And you’d like to play multiple chords simultaneously.

Just curious what DAW you use that you find it complicated to run multiple Scaler versions?

Multiple Scalers is the way to go. You sync them easily. Set them to play from your one keyboard. Very easy, barely an inconvenience.

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it is very laborious because there need more windows open. I use studio one 5. normaly only 1 VST plugin window can be open. but it is possible to pin the window that they stay open. then the windows hide other parts or do overlapping. I have a 4k monitor 32 inch and speakers left and right. so buy more monitors is not possible. have more monitors i think is also not good for health when rotate the head so much

the most laborious part is when composing to get same chords in all instances. I check if i can drag and drop a chord from the pad to another scaler instance to the pad. or can you get this working this do not work. if drag and drop between instances can work this is a big enhance. i test the scaler 2.4 demo.

scaler play since 2 not only chords. it play sequences, bass , arps out of chords. and for this it is very usefull when there need not more instances.

Scaler syncs all other Scalers in session with one click. No need to drag and drop. In fact once they are set up there is no need to keep more then one open. Any changes can just be synced to the others with one click. It’s in the manual and it’s in David’s videos.
I always have several going and rarely more then one open. The main 1 drives Chords, 1 does Ostinatos, 1 does Bass, etc. If I make a chord change I just sync that to the others. Takes less then a few seconds.

Right Click on the Blue Scaler Logo upper left. From the menu choose sync.

Check the items you want to sync. Usually just the chords in Section C but you have lots of options.
Click SYNC and done.

All Scalers are synced.


does scaler 2 use juce ?. the popup menus is very small on a 4k screen. this sync feature i did not find before your post, because i see this not in other plugins. it help to stay faster update. Problem only. I use 2 songs in studio one both have 2 scaler plugin in test. with the sync menu it update all 4 scalers which is wrong.

does this happen in other DAW too ?. this is a bad limit, it is not possible to use this sync function when have more songs open. I often have more songs open(older version or changed version)

the settings what to sync are always reset when call this sync function later. what i like do i can all sync except articulation keys looks. so when i call the function later all can checked so i need only press sync button.

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