2.5 Bass - Jazz 1 Performance

This only happens at the very start of the midi clip, but…

I’m using Jazz 1, with the Jazz Bass sound.

While it’s supposed to play the “jazz” performance…

It’s also playing C E C E | C E C E | C E C E in the “Scale Mode”… and RANDOM-ass notes in the “Chord” mode.

3 bars of its own arpeggio, even though my progression is simply Dm7, Dm7, Em7, Em7. It resolves on bar 4 (no extra C E C E or random notes, depending on the mode). When the midi clip repeats though, it’s back to the nonsense.

So like, first 3 bars… absolute craziness. Bar 4, fine. Bar 5-8 (repeat of the pattern), it’s fine. It’s only Bars 1 through 3.

This is version 2.5.

Video and audio proof coming shortly… here it is

Scaler 2 Jazz Bass BUG (yikes) - YouTube

Not happening to me. Plays a walking bass as it should. Could there be other MIDI notes getting into the Scaler track?
Ableton Live 11.1 Mac OS 10.13.6

No, no other midi notes feeding into it. I checked thoroughly.

Interestingly, after letting it simply sit for 15 min (I went to eat)… it’s not doing it anymore.

But that video is proof something was weird, in there.