2 octaves for scales played on white keys

HI this would be nice to have more than one octave to play in scale. also another nice feature would be to be able to duplicate the chords set and apply below the C2 range for the ability to play the same chords but an octave lower or higher I suppose. basically filling up all the white keys with chords and notes.

You can already do that now. Duplicate the row, go into edit and set the octave there. You can lasso the chords in the patterns and set them all at once.

Im having trouble understanding. where do I do all of this in section c with patterns?

If you have one pattern and want to set a duplicate in a different octave — Right click on the Pattern button and choose Duplicate
Click on the Edit button on the lower left of upper right —

In Edit mode choose the new Pattern and lasso all the pads (if you want to change all of them to the same thing. Then change the octave to what you want.

The octave is set to 3 by default