2 Scaler outputs sent to the same instrument how?

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in Ableton Live, I was able to send the output of 2 synced Scaler instances to just one instrument using the regular routing with the 1st Scaler, and a MIDI track for sending the 2nd Scaler output to the instrument

Now, even if Bitwig has better routing features, I cannot find a way to do the same because Bitwig doesn’t have MIDI tracks :thinking:

I tried to set both Scaler to send their output to the instrument, but the instrument itself can receive from both only using “All ins” AFAIK, and it means it can also receive undesirable inputs e.g. from my MIDI keyboard or other tracks

Any suggestion from bitwighians?

Two FX Layers with a Note Receiver in each layer.

You can use an Instrument track with no instrument to do the same.
Make a new instrument track and set the input to the 2nd Scaler. On the output set it to send Notes to the Track you want both Scalers to go.

Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 8.39.03 AM

Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 8.37.32 AM

In this case the Kontakt 7 track receives from both the Scaler Main and has notes sent from the Scaler stream track that is receiving Scaler Alt

I’ll reword that. FX Layer container, with two Note Receivers, both receiving midi from your Scaler track.

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In the old days of DIN plugs and 31.24 KHz MIDI, merging streams could cause issues and was sometimes hit and miss (not to mention MIDI ‘choke’). I used to have (actually, still have) a Phillip Rees Merge box MIDI Merge Units from Phil Rees
This was done maybe to send two MIDI sources to say 1 multi-timbral box (long live the Roland JV1080 !) and it would also usually have MTC in the mix. It’s obviously
easier now.
So one question is, if you are sending midi data to the same instrument on the same (or no) channel, why not have two instances of the synths and route the audio ?

Thanks to all pals
I’ll try all tips tonight

I my case I use a couple Sonokinetic Orchestral Phrase Libraries. The way they work is you send a Major/Minor triad to one section of the keyboard to define the chord. Another section of the keyboard plays the phrases in tune with the triad. So I can have Scaler triggering the triad but I want a live stream track to play and record the phrase notes without interfering with Scaler in anyway. So my merged data is Scaler and Live stream. There are other uses as well.

Great solution!

Now I created a preset, also adding a couple of MIDI Polyshers, in case I need transposing

BTW: it’s strange, but now that I have Bitwig I prefer MIDI Polysher to Note Filter

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Good to know as well

Good idea here. Would have missed that since I haven’t got all the MIDI bits the Bitwig has all sorted yet. Thanks for the tip.

I rarely finish a piece of music. Most of my sessions are just playing with midi routings. It’s a fascinating rabbit hole to go down.


I rarely finish a piece of music. Most of my sessions are just playing with midi routings. It’s a fascinating rabbit hole to go down.

I am quite close to it, with the only difference I love jamming, so that my HD is stuffed with unfinished songs

@jamieh often raps my over the knuckles with no success
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