2 Scalers with the same guitar: interesting vibes

Now it’s late, and I have to sleep, but I can inform in advance that 2 Scalers with the same series of chords, and driving the same guitar, both half speed (0,5), one using a riff and one using an arpeggio produce interesting vibes

Scaler 1.xml (9.4 KB)
Scaler 2.xml (9.5 KB)

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Interesting idea. I’ll try that. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Actually, I am tempted to do the same with 4 Scaler patterns… :smiley:
My idea is to re-build the ChordPotion concept, but I don’t know if it’s possible

This evening I tried 4 Scalers: one for arpeggio, one for strumming, one for riff, and one for melody, but I was unable to create some interesting vibe

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In another vein, I wanted to announce here, especially Claudio, the imminent premiere of “Infinite Soul for Golden Rabitt”
It may not proceed here, but it is already being released. Thanks


this funk rocks!

It seems to me that all those colored labels are samples, not midi… :thinking:
It’s better I don’t try to do something similar: my PC could likely mutiny

Yes. There are samples

samples are a nightmare for my PC
I just played a sample organ and it freezed