3 monitors setup using Mobo and PCIe video-cards together

Hi there

Trying to understand if using a couple of smaller monitors was more suitable for my wake eyesight, I encountered the common problem of unmatching plugs and sockets, YUK!

Because I was unable to find a suitable cable for my wannabe 3rd small monitor, I found that, in my system and with Windows 10 at least, I can use the Mobo and PCIe video-cards at the same time going in the BIOS and selecting the Mobo card as the main one

So now I have the Mobo driving one monitor and the PCIe video-card driving the other 2

I also found that the fonts on my two old 1280 x 1024 monitors look a lot better than the 1920 x 1080 monitor, and without increasing the font size that creates issues on certain pieces of software I use in my job