6543 andalusian cadence i - bVII - bVI -V(v7) Am-G-F-E7

i - bVII - bVI -V(v7)

I saw a picture introducing this.
But I don’t understand why a “b” appears back
What does it mean


Here is an explanation for the FlatVII and FlatVI cadence which is quite common. see here - The Flat VI-Flat VII-I Cadence | StudyBass. And here Working Flat-III, Flat-VI, and Flat-VII Into a Major Progression | The Essential Secrets of Songwriting
How the ♭VI-♭VII-I Cadence Works

The ♭VI-♭VII-I cadence is a unique-sounding chord progression. Two major chords borrowed from the parallel minor key walk up in whole-steps to resolve to the I.

With triads (A♭-B♭-C), this progression doesn’t have any of the chromatic half-step motion between chord tones we’ve seen in other borrowed chord progressions. When played with 7th chords (A♭maj7-B♭7-Cmaj7) there’s a little bit of chromatic motion among the chord tones.

I think what really makes this chord progression sound so powerful is that 1) not one, but two chords surprise us from outside of the major key, 2) it is all bright, major chords, and 3) they climb by whole-steps to reach a resolution on the major I chord where one’s ear might start to expect a minor i chord.


thank you very much :grinning: