A big list of usability/ergonomics suggestions

Big ergonomics and usability fan here. Here are some feature suggestions from that perspective.

  1. Add option to automatically de-duplicate chords in detect area. Detections often have a lot of duplicate chords. It would be nice to be able to automatically clean those up
  2. More keyboard shortcuts
    a. Escape to cancel out of settings menu and any others where it makes sense
  3. Instead of mouse clicking the tiny X to exit the settings menu, make it so that simply clicking the mouse outside of the menu closes the menu. Much easier on the wrist
  4. Option to auto-sync multiple Scalers and/or button on main screen to sync multiple Scalers. In certain workflows, this is an action that is done often, so it would be more user friendly if we did not have make a bunch of mouse clicks to do this
  5. Allow “don’t show again” option for the “this will replace your current detection” message (and any others). That is something that gets pretty annoying after a few times. If this is implemented, then a “reset default warnings” or something should be added to preferences
  6. In Neo-Riemannian, allow an option to automatically populate the next lane with the currently selected chord. That seems like a common workflow

I will keep this updated if/when I think of more things to add and/or things get implemented.


I like all of that feedback thank you. Will discuss with team. Simple things like clicking outside menu is great and yes that little X annoys me. Ideally there would be hotkeys for different windows. You can see how we need to rethink the whole thing but before we get a chance to do that there are some amazing new features inbound for future updates!