A composing challenge for Scaler users

Since becoming active on this forum I have noticed some discussion about how to compose music, with comments such as

So I thought it may be interesting to compose a tune based on set of structural tones using Scaler.

Here is a set of tones from the first part of a well-known, tune. The tones are D D E G C B A G.

The original tune was in ¾ time, and a midi file below has these tones in this time.

Structural Tones Comp 1.mid (137 Bytes)

My challenge for you is to compose a tune, not necessarily in ¾ time. The tune can be in any genre, and you may transpose the tones if you so wish.

There are no prizes, or time limit, but I feel it could be instructive to see how people get on with this challenge.

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thanks @ed66
I’ll try that tonight