A dream-feature wishlist

Scaler is science-fiction as it stands, here’s a few things that might make it even more stellar.

(PB are already promising some excellent updates in 1.2.)

The black keys are a little hard to see when active.

Note names could be optional for all keys 'coz they do clutter the plug visually.

A function so that Play generates a rhythm, groove for the Progression.

A guitar fretboard option would be heaven.

Plz don’t forget to include the Japanese and African scales we all love ie, Kumoi, Iwato, Hirajoshi, Insen, Congolese.

Sun B

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Hi @sunbambino,

Thanks for this, we greatly value any feedback from our users.

There are a few things in your list that are already on our roadmap.
The visual interface is something we are constantly trying to improve and your points about the black notes and note names have been mentioned a couple of times.

As a guitar player myself, I can’t wait to bring a nice visualization to help me navigate the fret-board.

I can’t give you an estimate on release date for any of those things as we are trying to add features only when we are completely happy with them and sure that they will bring value to our users without over complicating the plugin.

A nice feature would be can create/modify chords selecting keys on the plugin keyboard (in detect mode), that way you could create or correct new ones using the mouse (similar feature than Chord trigger on Logic Pro X)

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Chord Editing is on the roadmap and coming in 1.3


How about in detect mode the ability to detect audio in your DAW.

This is something we are looking into. There are a lot of challenges when it comes to audio detection but we would love to add this feature.

1. “Humanize” note start and end points (via selectable degree of randomization).

Great as it is and knowing we can edit midi after, it can be too precise (depending on patch) for playback.

2. Arpeggio option for playback of chords.

Only an option:
Scaler don’t play that notes which are not part of the selected cord (which keys are not used as a chord).
This (grey) notes will be empty or if I press this to be redirected another (blue) notes.

(Sorry for my English. I hope you understand what want to say.)

“Scale lock” is coming in the next version.
After selecting a scale you can press a button and only the notes of the scale can be played.

Those two features are not a priority for the moment as we noticed that most users prefer to edit the MIDI in their DAW with their preferred tools and keyboard shortcuts etc… and those who want precise control will use dedicated plugins like arpeggiator or “humanizer” with advanced controls that allow automation of parameters over the whole duration of the track.

I am not saying that Scaler will never do any of those things, but we are focusing on other features at the moment.

Super, great! Thanks.

Understood. Thanks for your reply

More slots to save …instead 16 . Would be GREAT to have 32 or 64 !

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I think it is more efficient to save your progression as a chord set and have many of them instead of one really long progression.

Scaler 1.2 added the ability to organize your chord sets with folders so you can have one for the different part of your track and group them by song/project.

Why not a long proggression ? Well to have 64 may be too long, but what about for example 24 ? It,s just to add a new button to eight new chords slots. Could be then 8+8+8. Great and very USEFULL.

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I agree, would be great for adding variation using the same progression but different inversions for example. It also gives more creative freedom. Now i have to go back and forth between two instances of scaler when im creating more complex progressions. I think 8+8+8 would be just perfect.

I just wanted to thank you guys for this amazing plug-in. Most of these type of plugins are uninspiring with boring chord voicings or just impossible to use. This one is pure gold. Ive already created a few chordsets and its almost effortless.

It could use some improvements like the one i mentioned before. Something like a progression library which let’s you experiment with different progressions would be great too. Other than that, i’ve never been more excited about a plugin like this one. Great job!

Hi, my first post here so hopefully I’m not repeating something that’s already been suggested.

Firstly, I think Scaler is brilliant and will become a must have tool even for those with music theory knowledge.

One thing I’ve noticed in using it is that if I’m messing around with a particular style or artist set of chords. The suggested chords displayed are in the predefined key that you guys gave that chord set (am I making this confusing enough for you? :slight_smile: ).

So if I’m writing a song in D minor and I’d like to try chords in the style of hip hop or EDM, when I select the chord set it defaults to the original key that you guys gave, so makes chopping and changing and experimenting a bit less intuitive.

So would it be possible to select your key and scale type first and then have your presets open up in the key you have chosen?

I currently have to go to pick the style and then go and find the key to get the chords to change, but if there was a way to select the key first so no matter what preset style you pick the cords will be in my predefined chosen key.


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Ok, so this might be more useful than I thought for some users. I guess we all have our preferred workflow.

We will discuss it internally and see what we can do. :wink:

Do you mean after selecting a scale you would be able to browse some common progression in that scale ?

You can always pick a chord set you like and look at the progression it is using then replicate this in another scale.

We thought it was more useful to have examples through the Songs/Artists chord sets as it is showing progressions that are usually a bit more complex than the usual I-IV-V and I–V–vi–IV etc… by using out of scale chords, different voicings etc…