A few issues to discuss

Hello! I just wanted to post a few issues I regularly have with Scaler to see if anyone has any fixes and also in hopes that they will be addressed in the newest version…because I LOVE this plugin! It’s changed the way I work and has given me the ability to make my music come out the way I hear it in my head! It is the single most creative & inspiring addition to Logic I’ve ever purchased!

Perhaps these issues have come up before but just in case…First, I find that I regularly have to “reset” Scaler (I’m using Control btw). This is upon opening up a Logic project for the first time. Scaler will not be locked to the scale (in any section A, B or C). All it takes is to open up Scaler Control and bam! it resets and everything is fine. It doesn’t happen on every track, but a good portion of them. It will generally remain fine throughout the session, but if I close the project and reopen it, I have to do it again - every time. I can’t find a reason why it doesnt do that on every track. Some tracks are copies of other tracks with just changes in sounds or notes and sometimes one or two of these won’t need resetting, other times they all do.

The other issue I believe I’ve seen posted on here. When I delete an instance of Scaler Control (either by deleting a track or removing the MIDI plugin) Logic either crashes immediately or it will crash upon the next attempt to save. So what I end up doing is never deleting a track or instance of Scaler. I just hide the track or disable the plugin. It doesn’t happen every time I delete, but most times.

I’m mainly hoping that these issues get fixed in the new version and if anyone can tell me if they know that they’re being addressed. Secondly, if there’s any workarounds for these issues please let me know!

Thanks again!

Hello @Zibon,

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Yes, we are aware of this, multiple things are causing this. Logic doesn’t enable the MIDI bus on the track until some MIDI has been played to it. You probably noticed when first adding ScalerControl it can’t make any sound until you send some MIDI notes to the track.

About recalling the state, where you have to re-open the view for it to refresh properly and Scaler crashing on save. They are bugs, they have been reported before and are on the todo-list. I don’t have much more info on when they will be fixed as we are working on Scaler2 as well which is due to be released soon.

Great! Thanks for the reply. I figured these had been reported before, but I wanted to list them here in case I had any new info not stated before. Again, thank you for all your time and work on this plugin. I meant what I said…it is the most important plugin I’ve ever purchased. I can’t wait for v2!

Thanks again,