A latin song with an UJAM v2 guitar in the Instrument mode

Coming from here, below is my mini-tutorial about UJAM Silk guitar used with the Instrument mode

I started with Scaler Suggest and built-up a simple series of chords

Scaler-State_2024-06-27_114448.xml (13.9 KB)

Scaler is set to send chords to the UJAM articulation area, while a MIDI track linked to my keyboard served to send notes to the fretboard area

Here is the guitar used

Then I built the bass-line using the Toontrack Audio sender onto the guitar track, and I added the drum-line with a D&D into the EZDrummer 3 Bandmate tab

I left the tune RAW by purpose!

It means no edit, no Mix & Max, and no quantification at all, because my goal is improving with time my finger dexterity that is actually very poor, so avoiding most of the several errors currently audible, and this try will serve as a starting point

And here is my 1st try, just as I have bought and tried my first guitar just now :rofl: