A little fix for your synth lust

Just spent the morning playing with Scaler and a free set of Synth samples from SuperBooth 21.

Loopop ( from this channel: MEGA CONTEST: Make a track with the best unreleased synths of Superbooth 2021 - YouTube) released a pack of sounds sampled from several vendors at this year’s show. (He has some great synth content) His contest is over but the sample pack is still on his site.

I ran them through Decent Sampler driven by Scaler where they well behaved and well organized. He includes Decent, SFZ, NKI and obviously the wav files. (as usual, if you want to use the Kontakt files you will need the full version)

Some synths are mapped to a pretty narrow key range so you will need to tweak Scaler a bit to find them, but several, including from HydraSynth and Nymphes have a broader mapping.

If you are interested, here is the list he included and the link is in the description of his video linked above.


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very interesting. I heard that Scale 2.5 will be a surprise.
I really hope I can come out with a simple version first and feel it