A polite and humble request: Please stop adding new features until all outstanding bugs are fixed

Love Scaler. And, major respect to @Ed1 and @davide.

I imagine others might be feeling the same.

Some bugs and stability issues have been happening for a long time now across multiple releases.

For example, the scale syncing did not work right for months. It finally works right (thank you much). But, Keys Lock Chord Extensions is still broken, and other users are saying hanging notes are still an issue.

I feel it is reasonable, as a user, to hope and politely ask for a pause in new features in order to get the existing stuff working perfectly.

I am happy to help test. But, please, let’s get everything working. I know it would be frustrating to wait another month or so for a new release, only to find more features, with possibly new bugs to existing features or old bugs still not fixed.

Again, this post is made with respect and humility.



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Hi @jbone1313

thanks for the support, this is what we focused on, the 2.3 update does not contain any new features. Only fixes and improvements over the existing. Have you looked at the changelog?

If you refer to your open ticket here: Keys Lock - Chord Extensions - does not handle altered chords - #5 by jbone1313 we did address a part of the issue, but what you expect Scaler to do is actually a new feature. You expect the altered degree to be part of the “extension” feature which is not supported yet.

Regarding the other issues, the release has been out for a few hours only, we will wait for some more feedback before switching priorities.


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Thanks for taking the time to respond, @Ed1 .

I did look at the change log, and my read was that it was more feature-heavy than it is. Thanks for the pointing that out.

I responded to your response about the Chord Extension thing in that thread. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, Scaler is awesome and progressing well. Happy to help.


Hi jbone

You have made a very valid point, and I in no way disagree that to have bugs lying around for too long can be irritating and impede productivity. I too squint at the main screen which seems to have grey paint splashed on it - but the application itself is still great!

Respectfully, I feel it’s worth adding a couple of caveats to your comments, by noting two points.

1 Bugs are always there, and continue to increase over time as the user base increases and new combinations and permutations of use are found. We have to live with them, as there is no such thing as error free software - Chaitin’s Omega and all that.

2 However, my key point is that bugs (normally) affect only a subset of users by virtue of the disparate nature of their usage, albeit noting that a given user might be affected more than one bug. Hence fixing a subset of bugs might leave some users happy but others feeling neglected. Adding a new feature will similarly please a set of people but in some cases, all users.

So the point that I am making is firstly if you only add features after you have fixed ALL bugs (to keep the various subsets happy) you will never be done.

Secondly, I take the view that both from a commercial and user perspective, a static product is one that atrophies - the rest of the world moves on. It might be error free, but is way out of line with competitors. The best way to get bugs fixed and new features is to have a dynamic product which is (for example) the de facto tool in schools and product studios alike, and thus funds the ability to be responsive… Software products succeed when they have a critical mass of users to finance stability and evolution. Market penetration is one of the key indicators as to whether a software product will survive.

In summary of this long winded comment, I take the view it needs a balanced approach to bug fixing AND in parallel adding new features, with that balance being dynamic in nature and driven by a set of priorities driven by feedback from users. That way, on average, you please more people all of the time.



I agree with your points. After my discussion with Ed, above, I regretted opening this thread and tried to delete it, but I did not have access to do that.

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it is possible, but useless to me
you are a polite people and you, Ed and Yorkeman agree on many things

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I concur with Claudio, this was a good discussion, fair point and respectfully brought about - I am sure this concern is one shared with more people than the ones speaking up here. So it was good to address it, in a manner well consistent with the forum etiquette. No need for self-censorship :slight_smile:

definitely an important discussion to have and the feedback is always welcome.

We received the message well and 2.3.1 is just around the corner with another set of fixes and improvements.