A possibly useful analysis spread sheet

I created a simple spreadsheet for my own use which may be of use to other board members, and so I am making it available.

The sheet (probably only functions under Windows) has two initial functions.

{1} The first allows the specification of a key and chord (from a total of 76) e.g. Am 6/9 and a ‘comparison’ key. The sheet then shows for 23 scales / modes which notes of the chord are contained in the chosen Comparison scale.
This is pretty obvious the chord is Am vs C Ionian, but less so for knowing whether A7(b9)(11) is contained within F Ionian augmented #5.

{2} The second function allows the specification of a Playing scale / mode plus key, and a comparison key. The Playing scale and key will then be mapped against 23 scales / modes in n the Comparison key to identify common notes.

The sheet also shows all scale/mode intervals graphically, together with the note and midi note structure of the 76 reference chords.

I’ll leave it to anyone who looks at it to figure out if it’s any use at all to them. A question might be "Can I play A minor pentatonic against F Ionian ? { any guitarist will know the answer, but what about Lydian #2 ? ) Will chord X fit with key Z?

Download the zip file at here

Free for personal use; hack it as you will. RTFM before commenting :neutral_face:

Caveats <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

{1} It’s a beta; it has bugs

{2} I haven’t put any validation in yet or locked computation cells; you can trivially wreck it.

{3} I used a public domain Python chord database which contains errors ; I’m reviewing them now.

{4} It’s provided as is Don’t mail me if it screws up your next live gig. (but free to post comments).

{5} I’m happy with “It’s useless / no use to me” comments. Fine. A small minority might find it handy for occasional use - fine. Fine if not. Gift horses, and all that.