A Prog song with Scaler, EZKeys and Minimonsta

Waiting for a workaround that lets me use the solos for a Wakeman-style song, I did another vibe where EZKeys Rulez

I used Scaler to have a nice series of chords, then I moved the chords in EZKeys, randomized them, then added a prog pattern and used EZKeys to drive Minimonsta

Here is the starting routing used to jam

The Minimonsta sound used is called Voices Pad - Spacey (Pad folder)
Unfortunately, the plugin remembers the sound, but forgets its name and position in the browser when you reopen the plugin YUK!

It means you must drop a note or do a screenshot (like the one below) to retrieve it, in case something gets wrong :cold_face:

For all instruments, but the Guitar solo, I used a complex pattern with many variations: funny but hard to make because the Toontrack’s plugins don’t allow to pass the parts from an instrument to another, so you must repeat the boring scissor & naming process each time

Here is the bass parts

And here the drums parts

I was forgetting the guitar solo :guitar:
I tried Scaler Keys Lock and it didn’t work
so I used this couple of Ableton scales (found by ear and trail & error)

And here is my preferred plugin for guitar solos: I don’t know how, but AIR developers were able to recreate a wonderful distorted guitar with a quasi-Larssen effect

And here is the the result EZKeys Rulez

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