A "quick" way to turn detected Single notes into Octave chords in Section A for use in section C

Do you ever want to utilize the notes you sometimes get in section A when you do a detect or just play?

I often turn on midi detect and tap out potential melodies…often when looking for a bass line. What I’m left with is a sequence of individual notes (A)

I like to set chord duration to 1/2 beat when playing back…but that is a personal preference. (B)

This lets me quickly explore potential rough melodies but once I’ve got something I like, there is no easy way to utilize the individual notes. However, there is a fairly quick way to get those notes into Chord format for use in Section C…just apply a performance pattern, midi capture and then redetect. The one that works pretty well is Triplet Feel # 1


My Workflow (it takes longer to read than do)

  1. Clear Scaler State
  2. Pick an instrument (I’m kinda digging Pluckity lately)
  3. Set Chord Duration to 1/2 for faster playback (B)
  4. Hit red record button and start tapping out a melody. (Remember, you won’t capture your timing)
  5. Delete and try again until you have something you like
  6. When you have something, turn on Triplet Feel 1 (above) to apply the pattern to all you notes
  7. When ready, hit the Midi Capture button in section C and then the Play Button in section A
  8. Stop midi capture and then drag the midi outside the Scaler UI and then back in and drop
  9. This triggers a detect and you now have simple chords in place of your notes

Not sure if anyone else uses midi detect like this, but if so, hope this helps capture those ideas.


Very interesting, thanks
I just printed it and added to my collection of workflows