A Scaler 2 or maybe 3? Wish List

First of all, let me say, I think The guys at scaler have come up with a fantastic piece of software!
I am more and more amazed at what this program can do as I slowly start to learn how to use it.
I am a closet musician, songwriter, producer working with Reaper on a PC.
I work with a friend up north on song ideas that we email back and forth to completion.
We have written a bunch of songs and even created over a dozen videos that are on Youtube right now. After hearing about Scaler, I have watched many videos about it before I made the plunge and bought it because of all the things it can do. I plan on using it going forward with all our projects.
Now, 3 updates later after the purchase, I never dreamed that Scaler would be capable of doing all the things that it now can do!
Bass, Melodies, Strumming, Sequences, Performances, and more.
Now you have to admit, that these updates are truly AMAZING!
That being said, I have a couple of items that could be added that I feel would take it up many more notches.
I know this is only a “dream” list,
but here goes…

Note: All of these ideas start with “if it would be possible”

1 - Making Scaler a standalone program, so you can use it outside of your DAW to work on ideas.
2 - Adding a feature to add your own instruments or samples to use along with everything that Scaler can do.
3 - The ability to use Vst’s within Scaler in stand-alone mode.
4 - Drums. Even a basic kit (Bass, snare, closed and open hats, claps), with maybe some pre-made grooves with a way to have it play along while you add sections and get ideas.
5 - A way to render your project to mp3 or wav file to listen to while you are away from your computer.

I can almost envision Scaler becoming more than just a plugin to be used in a DAW to transfer ideas into, I would like to see Scaler becoming a DAW in its own right that would compete with and even surpass the big boys with all that Scaler brings to the table that the others can’t.
Sorry to be a bit long-winded, but I know the guys at Scaler like to hear from the users of their program
with ideas on how to improve on what they have created, if that is even possible.
Feel free to add some ideas of your own about what you would like to see in future updates.
Thanx again to Davide and the guys at Scaler for all their hard work with this program.
The Fishman


I don’t think this is suitable for scaler
Scaler is great, but it can’t be too complicated. Otherwise, it will be abandoned.
Scaler’s positioning is simple and fast, to help you solve the chord problem
I think scaler is very good as a VST. If you need encouragement, open a Daw. It’s not difficult. And very mature.
Your idea is more like Captain chords. They have captain deep, Captain melody, Captain beat, Captain play
However, I haven’t used captain for 2 years. The biggest reason is that it’s inconvenient.
Instead, I play scaler every day
For the moment, I think scaler should put in more commonly used rhythm types. Let scaler go on the way of performance and live broadcast, so that ordinary people can play and sing quickly. In addition, it can help music lovers and musicians to work.
In the future, scaler should learn ezkey to create various sets if it can.
Note that ezkey is generally recognized as a good software, but ezkey doesn’t add a drum to itself, but they have come up with ezdrummer,
The above are my personal views, not necessarily right, welcome to exchange


Thanx for the reply.
I tried the captains plugins and was not impressed.
Ifelt it was too complicated for me.
I enjoy Scaler the way it is right now. I was just expressing ideas.
I also use scaler2 using nanohost making it a pseudo standalone version.
I think the Ezkey idea would be very useful.
Not to give away my age,
but I started making music on a commodore 64, then graduated to the Amiga 500.
Probably most of you have not idea what those items are.
Anyway, please keep up the great work with this program.
Looking forward to the iPad version.
The Fishman


We are probably the same age. Next Wednesday I will be 61 years old. Fortunately, Music has no age, and, in addition, it is Immortal. :smile: :smile:

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@swingmix Agreed on all points.

I just happen to be older than DIRT! :slight_smile:

That I just can’t agree with. No way.

As we can see from this community of users, there is a large range of skills (technical and musical), musical interests and goals in what they want to achieve when using this wonderful product. For some, rapid production of output is important ; for others, it’s learning more about music and the journey to that end.

Davide will no doubt forge a path (and expertly as well) which seeks to find a balance so that most of the community gets satisfaction most of the time … but its fate should never be as a one trick pony.


You can do this now by running scaler inside a VST host such as Nanohost (VST2) or Cantabile (VST3); you can also host multiple VST’s within Unify, all without using a DAW.

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To start off, Let me say, that I agree with all the replies.
Scaler must not get too complicated, it is perfect the way it is as a chord progression building tool.
I guess I was trying to turn it into something that could replace one product when It is perfectly happy being able to stand on its own while complementing another.
I was not trying to overcomplicate the program.
I was just wondering how far it could go.
Now I see that it can still be improved while maintaining the structure of its design.
Thanx again for all the input.
The Fishman

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the C64 was also my first computer, then switched to the long IBM series
(not for music but other stuff)
so we are both in the same computer era boat

I actually loved the amiga!
Did a lot of great recordings with it and an ensoniq mirage.

I tried to do music with the commodore, but at that time I found a real guitar was more practical to sing with friends

I re-started considering music with a PC only recently, 2 years ago, thanks to a small 32 keys toy and the evolution in plugins etc

And now I am drooling over Scaler and my Hammond vst all days in a week

I ever wanted to play a Hammond, but I’ve never had the money to buy it
but now I can have tons of wonderful rock instruments for the cost of a real one: amazing

My first computer was an Atari Ste with 1mb of ram and midi ports which I upgraded to 4mb, wow😂. I tried various sequencers that came free with computer magazines and had a lot of fun, but was restricted to the sound’s of my keyboard, a PSR 500 I think it was. Lost interest after a few years and thanks to lockdown started again, and the best thing for me has been Scaler, it has really helped me to get back into music, so a big thanks to all the team.


What year is this?

Ha ha I can’t remember what I did yesterday never mind that far back, but a rough guess it would be 1994/5.

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FIRST IBM PC here…1984…single sided 5 1/4" floppy drive with 180K storage, 1MB RAM, green monochome monitor and DOS 1.0!!! :slight_smile:


I totally agree with everything said here. I think Scaler is a golden resource. I love it! I would like to see the ability to update from the plugin.


Welcome to the community. Scaler surely has become a gamechanger for my wife and I as well. PS: We gifted our commodore 64 to our nephew a few years back haha.

Sorry I missed the party on Wednesday, but…


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