a second view row for chordsets

i would like to have a second view row for chord sets. this would allow a better overview and is easily possible from the ux by taking some space away from the detected scales.
if the chordset has up to 9 chords, then as before - 1 row, if it has more than 9 chords, then 2 rows and only if it has more than 18 chords then a vertical scrollbar.
please think about it - i am a ux designer and this one row bothers me every time.


This sounds like a good idea to me. if it is possible

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You do know that there is a grid view that shows pretty much what you describe, right?

I think you mean the pad grid of section C, right? I mean section A and unfortunately only the first row with up to 9 chords is visible and so many of these fantastic progessions have more than 9 chords and can’t be grasped and played at a glance, a second visible row like on the graphic above would be very helpful.

I think you are referring to the PAD page.

However on Section C on the MAIN page you have the ability to change the voicing of the chord, change chords to some extensions (7th 9th 11th and 13th) and make variations to scale chords in your pattern. To do any of this from the PAD page you have to right-click the chord and then choose Edit Chord which takes you to the EDIT page.

I don’t see this as a big deal, simply a “nice to have” if it can be easily implemented.

Ah yes I see what you’re saying. I thought you were talking about Section C, Sorry.

I don’t disagree, I was just trying to offer a current solution to what I thought they were asking for, but obviously I misunderstood the request.

I think this is a great idea too, it does annoy me that I can’t see all without scrolling although you will find a new feature in 2.7 may allay this somewhat! Thanks for feedback.