A small lesson about the complexities of modern music software and hardware

MIDI is now over 37 years old and it’s still at version 1; yet every piece of modern music electronics will have a midi port, some still working on 1950’s current loop technology through DIN plugs. MIDI 2 is now being designed. It’s a tribute to Dave Smith and Chet Wood. If you could remember ‘outs go to ins’ and ‘ins go to outs’ anyone could wire up complex arrangements of instruments. It was pretty simple, and 99.9% of the time it worked.

Fast forward today. I did my first computer course in 1963, so I have a bit of an IT background, and, as I posted recently, I started off with Cakewalk 2.1 on Windows 3, so again seen a few snafus.

So it should have been a matter of utter trivia to plug in my recently acquired MOTU M4 to replace a MOTU 828, and an iConnectivity mioXM to replace my Roland UM880.

I’ll cut out any description of the next days of frustration and unchristian language addressed to these two devices in trying to get them to work. The bottom line was a combination of USB C cables, a immensely subtle quirk in the ASUS Z390 mobo, and weird behaviour by the Realtek audio drivers, the latter of which blocked sysex updating the mioXM firmware.

The point is this; the systems we all now have are incredibly complex in historic terms, and we all probably have unique system configurations in terms of software. hardware, music gear and setups. When Davide went into the office at ‘sparrow’s fart’ (a vulgar English term for early) I’m sure that Scaler had functioned perfectly on the range of gear it was tested on before it winged its way from Melbourne round the world.

But the reality was that it was a small subset of the user base configurations, and oddities occur. It’s a fact of software life in this scenario. To me an important role in our grouping here on the board is to work together with good humour to help each other to figure out where the issues are as they arise and convey them to Davide as helpfully as we can. That way, Scaler will continue getting better.

Grazie a Davide e temp per l’ottimo rilascio puntuale di un prodotto meraviglioso


And thanks to you and others here I’m learning a lot of amazing slang words/wordings

Studying the rhymes for my new album (got stuck in Scaler’s quicksand :rofl:), I found a software called McGill Rhyming Dictionary, but when I tried to use it I found that it wasn’t enough, so I had to ask a UK friend for help