A strange, but useful, behaviour of Scaler

Just found this oddity by accident

2 identical Scalers with the same patterns and these routings

Scaler 1 feeds a rhythmical guitar
Scaler 2 in Lock Notes allows for the Hammond solo

[Scaler for guitar.xml|attachment]
(upload://2ZCVuXjSs8HOEsFHVqwqSzytbVP.xml) (23.1 KB) Scaler-for Hammond.xml (23.5 KB)

Until I used the Section C for both Scalers, it seemed to me that the Hammond notes were mostly out of tune

As far as I moved Scaler 2 chords to Section B all notes were (apparently) in tune, with the further advantage I was able to change all scales, with many of them useful to create interesting dissonances

Do I am just drunk?

Hmmmm - not quite sure what you are getting at here. Your workflow completely confuses me.

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Maybe because I was drunk…

I’ll try to repeat it another time, and I’ll give a better explanation if I succeed

P.S. I am teetotaller anyway