A tip and question on blues progressions

Hi guys i play guitar but id like to know if you import some midi blues tornaround
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Any MIDI file can be used to detect chords in detect mode. There are many MIDI file song sites to download from.
This is one site Blues



But now, before I download the whole database :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :crazy_face: :rofl:, can I know if those MIDIs are mono or multi-intruments?

I ask because in the past I tried some MIDI found here and there, but I realized they contained all parts, while I was just interested e.g. in the guitar part, and understanding what part was suitable (their names were confounding) seemed too much difficult, so I fed up

If the d/l does require Flash, that’s a risk, even if Chrome lets you do it …

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Does not require flash. I could download on my iPhone.

Parts should be marked Bass, Guitar, etc. Maybe download one and see.

I tried Canned Heat - Going Up The Country, and the names of the parts are just as I said: confounding
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The problem is that you have no clue on the content before downloading and putting them in your DAW, so you waste a lot of time for useless stuff

Not mentioning that those MIDIs are often quite bad, and I know that because I arranged karaoke parties for friends some eons ago using the VanBasco player

Stop while you’re ahead. Don’t waste your time. There are several more sites out there or you can just do it by ear. Scaler will help.

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That’s for sure!
I am just building a tutorial where I used the Suggest option in a very comfortable way
It’s way better than any grabbed MIDI IMHO


It would be really nice if you could share this tutorial.

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As far as I find some time, I’ll be glad to do it

I hope that I can do that tonight

don’t expect a video anyway: it’s not for me as explained here and here

BTW, yesterday I retrieved from an obsolete CD a huge amount (900 files and 139 MB) of MIDIs in the .kar and .mid format that I built up eons ago when I managed Karaoke: I am curious to see if they are of any use with Scaler :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’ll let you know