A trap for bedroom producers

Trap for us bedroom producers. After 3 music releases going smoothly I received an “Urgent repair” email from Ditto Music for my upcoming album. According to the email the problem was that 1 or more of my tracks contained 5 seconds or more of “silence”, which is a no no. I knew my songs had ‘no more than 1 bar of silence, if any’ and began scratching my head. All was revealed when I tossed one of the .wav masters into an audio editor. Track fade out length … every master had ‘long’ fade out. I use Logic Pro and swear I did nothing different to normal, but anyway a new lesson I learned today, before submitting your tracks to your music distributor don’t forget to check the fade out. I always include audio tails in my bounces to avoid ‘abrupt endings’. In this case, the generated audio tail also included a lot of silence… Now rather than releasing on 25 March I must wait until 30 March … such is life. Hope this if of interest to some here…

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In the good old time of albums on vinyl, the tune would have ended with never-ending SCRATCHES, so no problems of that kind

Too bad that now we have digital music :grin: :grinning:

This silent movie shows the problem haha