A way to move chords from Section C to A

Found by accident as usual: I love to go mushroom picking

Played a few chords with my bare hands listening the output in AAS Strum-GS 2, Loop option
When something interesting jumped out I recorded the series in Section C

Now, Scaler doesn’t let you transfer the MIDI from Section C to A, so I used the Drag button and dropped the midi on the desktop, then D&D again into Scaler

Then I also tested various patterns by ear

This way, 3 different musical styles jumped out so far

Here is my series of chords
G min7, D min7, F min7, C min7, Eb min7, Bb min7, C min7, D 7(sus2)

And the Scaler state
Scaler-State_2021-09-05_214519.xml (10.7 KB)

Are you sure it doesnt let you do that? I believe to remember quite often to be confronted with the dialog window whether I was sure in wanting to overwrite the current Scaler chords when I accidentally dropped chords dragged from section C back over Scaler instead of the DAW piano roll.

Maybe you are possibly speaking about using the lasso on chords in Section C then moving them in section A, that is totally a different thing because this way you move chords only
On the contrary, using the Drag button you move the pauses and any “emphasis” you applied playing & recording live

Sorry, I misunderstood you then.

What I described was derived from my understanding of this…