Ableton 10 crashing as soon as open Scaler 2

I’ve just acquired Scaler 2 from Plugin Boutique and it crashes ableton as soon as I try and put the VST on a track. I don’t even get a peep at the Scaler GUI.

At the same time plugin boutique gave me a free plugin and I chose Royal Compression. This is doing the same thing, crashing ableton. I uninstalled both plugins and downloaded both again from scratch, but ended up with the same results of ableton crashing.

Welcome @spazlad Sorry to hear but this is not a Scaler issue clearly. It’s an Ableton and your own set up issue if it’s happening with multiple plugs. Can any Ableton users suggest anything otherwise I suggest heading over to Ableton forums for some help where you will need to specify much more about your set up (OS, platform, DAW etc)