Ableton crash

I install the scaler vst x64 in my steinberg vst folder as all my others vst ans when i lauch it in Ableton the software crash . I m on Ableton 9.0.6 64 bit windows 7 pro sp 1 . Scale doesn t work on my setup . Maybe with an older scaler version it may work … Where can download a compatibilty older version ?

From your plugin account, on the download page you should be able to select an older version.


Thanks ed for your answer . Unfortunatly on the download page on my plugin account there is only the 1.8 version…

Are you sure you cant select the version in the dropdown menu?

Mine looks like this, I can select from 1.6.1 to 1.8.1:

As you can see on my screen , i have only the last version , i have bought it 2 days ago .

Ok, sorry about this then. It probably only show the version history from when it has been added to your account.

I have sent you a private link to an older installer by message.

Could I possibly get this link as well? I have the same problem.

I have sent them to you as well :slight_smile: