Ableton Crashing


I know this is something mentioned by others but is there a current fix for this.

I originally tried the plug in on Ableton 9 and it kept crashing Ableton. Recently upgraded to Live 10 and having the same issues. This is on both the laptop and studio pc so it’s definitely not an issue with anything else. The only way to save a recovered project without Ableton crashing is to completely uninstall Scaler.

I love the software when it works but it’s completely unusable and feels like a waste of money if I can’t use it without Ableton constantly crashing. I don’t want to keep installing and then uninstalling.


Hi @roland

thanks for reporting your issue.
There is no fix for this at the moment.
Have you noticed a specific thing that cause Scaler to be in a corrupt state or is every project affected by this regardless of how you use Scaler?

I don’t know if there is there is a way for Ableton to disable a plugin temporarily but that would help to not have to uninstall constantly, at least for now

Yes im also having the exact same issue ever since downloading & purchasing Scaler.
[Ableton 10 with Macbook Pro]

I have 'Scaler’ working away like normal, then go to save my work an Ableton crashes. I try opening the recovery file and go to 'delete 'Scaler from the channel strip, but this also then causes Ableton to crash. My only fix is to uninstall Scaler, before opening another “Ableton recovery file” save my work, then re install Scaler. (same process as above)

Doesnt happen everytime tho? happens alot, but not everytime (but cant figure out why)

I’m having unpredictable crashes too, and they’re really, really frustrating. Just when I’m getting in to the workflow and making something good, Ableton crashes for no apparent reason, this has happened a few times and this time, it completely cleared out all of the chords I had spent time arranging.

Using 2015 Macbook with Mojave and latest version of Ableton 10.