Ableton Live crashes unpredictably with Scaler 2

Live 10 Suite 10.1.12 Build 2020-05-12_b749619222
OSX Catalina 10.15.5

New Project - Add scaler to midi track - add midi to same track for detection - detect - drag chords to panel C - audition some expressions - ableton crashes

Hi @snaillybob and welcome,
which version of Scaler are you running ? Have you restarted your system after the install ?

In addition I have tested on that setup and using your process and no issue. Also update to Live 10 Suite 10.1.14 and as per @luapmartin install and restart your system.

Scaler 2, and yes, restarted multiple times. Crash reports sent to Ableton if that’s of any help?

same problem here with ableton 11, it doesn’t work my laptop but works on my pc at the studio :exploding_head: I have the same config in both computers. I tried the scaler 1 on my laptop and everything’s fine but everytime I tried to run Scaler 2 it crashes ableton, any help pleaaaaaaaaaaase :sob: :sneezing_face: :confounded:

Can’t repeat it here, in a ‘clean’ test, with no other VSTs loaded.

Win 10 / Live 11 / Scaler 2.4.0 VST3 / ASIO with MOTU M4
Asus Z390 mobo / i9-9900k , 32Gb /Samsung EVO 970 M2

Oh! just noticed that was on OSX. Last time I used Apple was on a machine called a Macintosh so the above is of no help.