Ableton loop

I see this theme was discussed several years but didn’t see a solution.
Is it possible to experiment with multiple Scaler chords/performances on top of a drum and bass loop in session view? I’m trying to test different patterns, but only managing to play once and timing is off.

Do you have Scaler set to loop? In section c on the left is a play arrow. Right click and it will start play when you press play in DAW. Right next to it is the loop button. Click that to keep Scaler looped.

Yes, this is bread and butter for Live. Sync can be a problem when combing two or more digital devices with their own clocks. It can also be an issue if, for example, you are sending MIDI out to an external synth and taking the audio back in, when you will get round trip delays. You can adjust this with track delays, as i the example cited below.

Have a look at the same conceptual set up at
Ableton Live 1 | Completely unofficial Scaler information site

and running the drums in one DAW and synths in another, using Scaler sync, DAW sync and MTC to sync the hosts

The fact that the Scalers were running in Cantabile is irrelevant - they could have been in Live.

@jamieh Embarrassingly enough I never saw the loop symbol (and must have missed it in video tuition), thanks a bunch, sorted!
@panda, thanks for info, I’ll read up on this