ABleton Users: A SUGGESTION!

Disclaimer: I in no way work for Presonus, “pitch” for them nor receive ANYTHING from them.

You have options so consider a move to Studio One “Sphere”.

It will cost you $15 per month as a Subscription and you will get EVERY PRODUCT they offer.

Or Reaper which costs $60 +taxes. In the Uk this is $72 which is about £60 depending on the exchange rate.

Or Cakewalk by Bandlab, which is free.

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I always prefer the products that I don’t lose after I stop paying the subscription (because this comes eventually when you see the sum of expenses :slight_smile: ).
One more reason to stay with Reaper.

On the other hand you DON’T pay for any upgrades with a Subscription. And as I pointed out you get EVERY SINGLE VI they offer. :slight_smile:

Reaper is around $60 and the user has all the updates for free for about three years. And after that, the new version is again $60 or so. It is like $5 monthly, but if the user decides to stop paying, all that he has will stay on his PC. He won’t have just a newer major version. That’s all.
If he does the same with subscription-based DAWs, the moment he decides to stop, he has absolutely nothing to work with. Maybe Audacity, but this is not the same.
My 2 cents.


Hence the reason I’m keeping S1 Version 5 on my system which I had purchased. I went the Sub Route just to get all the additional stuff and it was cheaper than Upgrading by 30%. Presonus USUALLY comes out with a new version ($) every 2-3 years as well.

As has been said “6 Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Another.” :slight_smile: