Ableton vs reaper

well, after many test and reasoning, considering that:

  1. the latest Scaler 2 release is almost stable in Reaper 6, but way more stable in Ableton 9
  2. Reaper alone sucks less RAM than Ableton alone, but charged with the same load of plugins they suck almost the same
  3. buying a dozen of good instruments to replace the Ableton ones I acquired in the past is too costly
  4. the learning curve to use Reaper at the same level reached for Ableton is too long
  5. there is no Italian manual; yes I’m a translator :grinning:, but I translate the whole day already, so I don’t wont doing the same during my spare time, above all about topics I don’t know well
  6. there is no support for Reaper, and searching/asking for support in the fora is boring and a waste of time

so Ableton wins, for now