About Arpeggiator

Today, we found the difference between nexus ARP and headposition ARP.

ARP in nexus plays chord tones in order, and you can choose the order up, down, and so on

You can also change the order according to various settings.

Setting can call notes up and down other than chords, but I’m still a little confused here. If the adjustment is not good, it will be disharmonious. After all, it’s not an internal chord. You can note that there are numbers on the notes. If there are no numbers, the chord tones are played in turn.

Let’s look at the logic of chordpotion. It can only play chord tones. then

0 represents the bottom, 1 represents the upward tone of 0, 2 represents the second upward tone of 0, and so on.

In fact, I like the design of nexus very much. However, it always plays chords in turn, which confused me. Because every time you move the number up and down, it won’t be the same.

I don’t know if any friends here use nexus, maybe not.

I share these in order to give scaler some information about its own ARP in the future. I hope it can be used as a reference.

If it doesn’t make sense, please ignore it.

If it makes sense, discuss it together

Nexus ARP is still used every day.
But this ARP has two problems
1: MIDI cannot be recorded
2: MIDI cannot be dragged and dropped
And nexus officials told me that they could never improve. I guess the purpose is to better sell Avenger?
Therefore, I can only rely on scale team to make such an ARP editor.
I wonder if you can do two upgrades:
1: Make an ARP
2: Make style MIDI library according to style