About C6 in Scaler 2

Scaler shows C, E, G, A as a C maj add 13 no matter which octave the A is keyed.
Why not C6 when the A is keyed right after the G note ?


It should but it mostly does not. Occasionally I’ve been able to force it but not often. I’m sure eventually it will be corrected.

Hope they correct this.
Thanks for your reply.

To take it a step past the OP’s original question. I think what I’d like most is to able to name the chord right on the Pad. Let Scaler do whatever it needs to in the background and just take the name I’ve assigned to a chord.

I’ve had to struggle to make Scaler do what I want it to do in some instances, particularly on Jazz tunes with Chromatic II-V progressions – the song goes Am7-D7, Abm7-Db7, GbMajor7 and Scaler doesn’t like it. I have to fiddle around changing Scales when all I want is a simple set of changes common to most lead sheets for Standards.

It seems odd that after all these years programmers have not worked out how to deal with enharmonics. Cubase’s chord track has some similar issues about it. I just find work arounds and can usually make things right in both Scaler and Cubase.