About C6! Why can't I find C6?

There’s a song today that suggests using C6 chords
I found C5, C7 in scaler
2021-07-24_221748 2021-07-24_221719

Just not looking for C6
Finally saw this, but not C6

Why not C6?
Is this a C6? I selected 1 and 6 on the keyboard and this appears
难道C6=Amin(no5) ?


I look forward to your help. Thank you very much

LOL, C6 in Italian has the same sound as “ci sei” (you are here/there)

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There are quite a few chords that Scaler has trouble naming correctly. Regardless a C6 is a C E G with and added A. Scaler calls it CMaj add13 but it’s a C6. So knowing that just add an A to a C chord and play away. I’m sure it will be sorted out in the big 3 updated.


thank you. Oh, I see.
Cmajadd13 = C6 =
But cmajadd13 = 1356 in scaler
Why not CMAJ add6?
And his name is CMAJ add13

yeah but the question is, where is “here”? :slight_smile:

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And, don’t forget, "where is there”?

that’s for version 4, one thing at a time :rofl: