About Chord builder

In band in a box there is a function called “chord bulider”

There is a suggested chord area below, which contains all the common chords we will use, click to hear the sound.

If you click on the jazz below, it will become a seventh chord

More chords appear in the next three dots

When we make a song, the chord progressions used are generally these common chords.
I wonder if SCALER can design a similar function?

I now build it myself every time. Very time consuming.

I cannot understand why so many musicians persist on “canonical” chords, when even an hip-hop series of chords can be used for everything, from Liscio romagnolo to metal just acting on “pauses” and “rhythms”
:thinking: :rofl:

This is what I’ve been saying all along. Chords don’t really have a genre, it’s how you use them that defines them.


I have a major discovery today! ! ! ! I’ll sort out the language and tell you later, hahahaha!

I used to set C major to find chords, and there are many common chords that I can’t find, so I want to add them, and I don’t like to add them myself, because it’s very troublesome every time.

I found out today that it is actually more convenient to use D Dorian to find chords.

That’s handy, the B7 is still missing here, but it’s not used very often.
Although it is set to Dorian, the chords are still chosen in accordance with the major key.
I think it’s convenient
Do you have a better way?

I’m struggling to understand the question here. C major and D Dorian share the same notes, and the harmonisation of the two modes produce exactly the same chords, but in a different order. Each mode rotates the chords one place to the right.
The different sequence of intervals means that Dorian mode has a flat 3rd and 7th, but I’m not sure why it would be easier to find chords in the harmonised D dorian set of chords than in the identical C major set, but I’ve probably misunderstood something here. ?


Note my picture above.

In D DORIAN mode, many common chords are shown elsewhere. I’ve marked them with red lines. In C major mode, many are not shown. That’s what I mean.