A premise:
I don’t consider myself a musician, nor a composer
Rather a folk who plays for relax and fun, and now I can say I am a “proof of concepts maker” (maybe this will be my next nickname replacing rabbit composer)

Indeed, my PC is currently full of proof of concepts :woozy_face:, mostly are raw stuff, and maybe I will never find the will to complete them up to mix & max, even if I have many Isotopes to do that

Anyway, all depends on the instrument I want to have fun with

In Ableton Live 11 I have a series of presets, so if I want to play e.g. with the Hammond, I use this or this

While if I want pluck Strum-GS 2 I do this or this

For the Scaler part, I usually start with any random series of chords, or I create one from scratch (less often) then I move notes up and down with MIDI Polysher to have an auto-accompaniment, then I have fun (trying to) play solos