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Under the 2k monitor, the ezkey interface is too small. I think ezkey should be upgraded. They haven’t updated in a long time.
I think I can discuss how to use scaler and ezkey correctly

I think that many people would like that, me included, but I also think to remember they’ve never mentioned the intention to do that, that is a pity

I quite agree as well. I initially liked Orb Composer so I purchased Orb Producer to use directly in the DAW and it felt like there was no real AI going on with the randomization. It would continually create out dull basslines and no matter how many times I would push the randomize button, it would generate more randomized drivel. The same thing went for each module of the Orb Producer suite. That being said, I did find it useful from time to time for arp generation but, even then, I would have to modify the midi in some spots to make it sound better.

I’m all for automating the generation of notes where it’s tedious and more about focusing on the lead instruments and overall song. Unfortunately, these plugins that claim to create random notes have so far proven to be too random.

I will say that I did find using Orb Composer a bit interesting but I feel that the program is not ready for prime time (not as easy to import the midi into DAW as Orb Producer and slightly buggy) and a lot of the folks that are using it seems to mainly be using it as a musical experiment rather than for creating songs that are for public consumption.

I found that Scaler2 is great for using alongside Captain Plugins though as their bass, chord, and other modules are not randomly generated making more coherent sounds. I do wish that they would do a bit more to add additional patterns but I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

I find it highly annoying that there are YouTube channels out there that will always tell you that “This is the greatest thing since sliced bread.”. I think they pretty much rubber stamp any product that they get for free. Some of the worst offenders I’ve noticed are like Ave McCree and a few other hip-hop type producer channels. I’m not really into that sort of music but I do sometimes find some of their tutorials helpful.

The general issue is that products now are marketed as “artificial intelligence” (AI) when they are actually not. The hallmark of intelligence (artificial or organic) is that it learns, adapts. Most software is still canned, static as programmed. It may be data driven, but data sealed at shipping time. Only software that learns as it runs should be considered intelligent. I am actually surprised that a tool like Captain Chords, which already insists on constantly being connected to the Internet, does not leverage a data cloud in the backend, consolidating feedback from all users on random created melodies/basslines, to arrive at a composite score of what the most popular random created melodies/basslines are. That’s technically fairly easy to implement. Compare it to how Facebook and Youtube rank content via interpreting views and likes.

Scaler 3.x feature? @Ed1 :wink:


I’ve been on the fence about buying Scaler 2 for some months now.

I tried ChordJam for iOS for $8. There are a handful of features that are potentially useful/interesting. However, it’s main core function-- choosing a Chord Type-- not only doesn’t work in any logical way, it actually prevents you from choosing even very standard chords. It’s really dumb.

So, I said to myself, “enough of this.” and I went and finally kicked down for Scaler 2.


Welcome to the family, spend some time with us and we will grow with you!


Thanks, Davide. I’m really looking forward to more learning-- especially new/unusual scales and their chords.

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Yeah, Scaler 2 is one of the best purchases I’ve made for VI to date.