About collaborations

A great Italian singer + Miles Davis = Dune Mosse


Heh, i was just about to post a thread about collaborations. Anyone want to collab?
Your job? You fill in the basslines, (kick and bass).

I’m terrible with basslines. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can call Adelmo Fornaciari, but I suspect he will never join us
Joking aside, I am terrible at anything but the door bell

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what style? I can do backing synths/pad/atmos…

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You know what to be honest. I don’t know music theory, i have a hate/love relationship with scaler so i try to make “music” the way i make music. An unorthodox way.

I want to collab with someone that i can share my project files with and see what that person can change or apply to the project.

Same here. Main reason I got Scaler because I am not really versed in music theory as well. I am more “play it by ear” type of “musician” (hobbyist anyway). And yes, just sharing each other’s tracks and experimenting with them is my favorite way to collaborate as well. And I am definitely on the experimental side of music as well, as for style. You might have seen my “body of work”…

Hi Bernd,

I have seen your work, it’s really good. Atmospheric and well structured.
Give me a day and i’ll upload some projects, it’s all in Ableton files, if you don’t have Ableton i can upload the bounced stems and you can fiddle around and show me what you come up with?

I’ll pm you the links in a day or two. Have a good day!

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