About "drag midi"

Can you refine the “drag” in the lower left corner.
For example, I only want to export the root of the chord progression. It’s just a strip of notes.
Or just export chord thirds or fifths, etc.
I know it can be set by clicking on the show above, but it’s not quite what I said.

For example, if I choose drag bass, then what appears is[ f g e a]
For example, if I choose the drag third, then the dragged MIDI is[ a b g c]
I choose dra fifths, then drag midi is [c d b e]

I don’t know if this can be done easily?

Not a bad idea. However they have stated that something related to divisi is coming but will be in a larger version update. Divisi is sending high middle and lower voice to high middle and lower voices in the instrumention in case I wasn’t clear.

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