About "Em, D, C ,B"

I like this chord progression. Em,D,C,B

However, in minor scale, there is only Bm, not B

This B belongs to harmonic minor, but Em D C does not belong to harmonic minor.

So what minor does “Em D C B” belong to?

Hi @swingmix

You can right click on your pattern in the section C and press “detect”.

This will run a detection and give you a list of scales that can match your progression.
You should find one in the list that contains all the chords.

If you can’t find a scale with all the chords it means that one or many chords in your progressions are simply “borrowed” from another scale. There are lots of nice progressions with borrowed chords.


Swingmix, we have already talked about that progression on another occasion. It is known as Andalusian Cadence.
Simply on that occasion we talked about Am G F E because we started from A minor. Now you’re in E minor, so it’s Em D C B.
The only variation is the last chord, which is major instead of minor. It is borrowed from the major key.
Simply go to the Chords tab and change Bm to B

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thank you very much!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That’s a legendary chord progression. I like it too. Try a 7th chord as the last chord. eg Am, G, F and E7. or in different keys Em, D, C, B7.

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These experiences are very fun and can make the song even better