? about how to key switch between performances on a chord-to-chord basis

Heya… I’ve been wanting to build chord sequences in which I’m switching between performances and phrases and melodies on a fairly fluid basis within on grid tab, on a chord-to-chord basis.

Is there a straightforward way to do this? What I’ve been doing so far is making separate tracks with different attributes and switching between them in Logic, but that can get pretty unwieldy when things get complicated.


Anyone have an idea how to do this? Or is it a stupid question and I’m missing something basic? @davide

If I understand what you want to do, it should be pretty easy.

Have you used the Edit pane and the Playback Performances area? You could setup groups that contain the different performance modes you want and then just bind the pattern and play the notes as normal to get the mixed performances that you want. I do this all the time.

If you really want actual key switch control, I think your only option is to use Pad mode and then setup patterns with the group setting to control your playback performances.

Since the key switch controls what pattern is playing, you would effectively have 7 chords (or chord patterns) that you could toggle between. Remember that the pattern playback would complete the current chord before it jumps to the other pattern and you need to be in Pad mode while using key switches.

I do a lot of work in pad mode and the non-contiguous select with Preview Selected Chords can be a very handy playback/midi capture tool.

You might also have some luck with Command Mapping and Recall Playback Settings. I often toggle settings in real time as I record and Scaler handles it just fine.

Hope that helps a bit.


I have not used groups at all yet but I see the power of this. That is extremely helpful. Thanks!!! If I have questions I’ll get back to you. MUCH appreciated.

I am interested in doing this kind of thing too. I like the idea of changing the patterns on certain chords as i think it may make.the accompaniment sound more melodic.

I bought the Scaler course in Plugin Boutique’s recent sale and hoping to come across a solution eventually, but the tips above may be attempted too if they don’t become apparent in the course.

Hi @Pintspiller

This may help you

Cheers. Hopefully get a chance to have a look before the weekend.

Ed, this is a very clear breakdown of how you’re using groups, and thanks! Super helpful. I’m still not quite sure how to use Keys Lock with a set of patterns in the Grid, but am plugging away at it.

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