About Scaler 2.0 audio to Chord

It is hoped that this feature will be added to version 2.0.
According to a piece of audio, automatically match the recommended chords, and then adjust according to your own needs.
In general, an audio waveform can be analyzed in scaler software or in scaler’s orbit.
Now many software can turn audio into midi. Now that audio can become midi, it can give a suggested chord.
I think so. I believe my dream will come true.
Friends with the same ideas as me, support me. :slight_smile:


I think this is available online for free. Chordify and ChordU.com
Is that what you mean?

It seems that we can’t add audio files recorded by ourselves and do chord analysis on audio files.
Chordu and Chordy are just chord sharing websites. Can’t add your own audio file

Inbound guys. Scaler 2 due Q3, 2019


Analyzing polyphonic audio for change to midi would be a godsend for many. There are many interesting and useful loops out there with no labeling leaving its usefulness minimized. Changing monophonic audio to midi has long been available in many DAWS. Best wishes with efforts to make this happen
Norman Fearrington

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I have Reaper. There’s “audio to Midi” in there bundled.

FL STUDIO can also be AUDIO to MIDI. But I prefer that the software can deduce some corresponding Chords based on audio.

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ah, chords, thats true.

Yeah, I’m talking about chords based on audio. It may not be very accurate, but at least give a hint, and then we slowly adjust to the more accurate and suitable Chords.

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Will Scaler 2 display chords based on audio? Even if the chord is not very accurate, it will be adjusted to the correct chord function according to the recommended chord.

Yes that’s the objective. It’s largely dependant on what you throw at it as there are technical limitations to what can be disregarded and analysed in audio to pitch recognition of course. That’s the balance we are trying to hit. It’s pretty straightforward if you throw it a bunch of chords recorded from a single instrument as opposed to entire track…


That is great! I think that people often have an idea, such as bathing, bus ride, suddenly a melody in their brain, go home and open the recording software to hum it out with their mouth, record an audio file, and then import it into Scaler 2.0, then Scaler will give me a corresponding chord suggestion, which may not be a lot, but it is a very good help to help music production. Save time as a person.

Great idea, I know Band in a Box did this, it’s wasn’t extremely accurate but it got you very close, the technology is already there

Yeah, even if it’s not very accurate, there are some suggestions. As long as you can save time, there will be more people who like Scaler. I believe engineers are also trying to find ways.
There is also a cushion. Since chords can be recommended according to music classification, can BASS, DRUM, PAD be recommended as well?

As a guitar player (and an ear player at that) I was hoping Scaler would allow me to play the complex chords so near and dear to me and spit out the appropriate scales to speed up the time it takes for me to be able to improvise over the top of said chords. It would also help facilitate communication with sight readers for us musical illiterates. I can see now that with 1.8 and earlier iterations of Scaler a midi guitar pickup would probably be the best way to accomplish this but it sounds like you guys are well on your way to audio note detection with 2.0.

Can’t wait … er, well, I guess I’ll have to.

P.S. Conversion to tablature would be the cat’s pajamas.

With all of these things we implement best we can, and we grow, learn and develop according to what is working and what is not. In all honesty, given I use several analytical software programs Scaler surprises me at how effective it can be at audio detection. Looking forward to having thousands of users use it and getting the feedback!


Thanks for sharing such valuable insights on chords. Right now, I am also learning Death Bed Chords. If you can help me with any extra input it will be very helpful