About song and artists directories

I found the chords in the song and artists directories very comfortable.
But it’s not so comfortable for me to match the chords myself.
It seems that the keyboard area is different. Although the chords are the same, the keyboard position is different, the combination is different, and the feeling is completely different.
Usually, the chords in the official song and artists directories of scaler are very comfortable.
Not the ones I found myself.
For example, deep house5
Am7 is like this:

But the Am7 I found myself is like this:

Both figures are Am7
But the first one sounds richer.

So, where can I choose basic, medium, rich, complex chords

I’m not at Scaler right now so I’m going from memory. I’ll check in the morning.
You can extract voicing from any chord and apply it to another chord by right clicking on chord choose extract voicing. And the same to apply voicing.
Under one of the other menus there is a choice for thicker chord voicings. I can’t recall which at the moment. It’s too early in the morning. Someone else might chime in before I get to the computer.

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There are some thickened and colored chords under Common Progressions

Screen Shot 2021-11-27 at 8.15.29 AM

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thank you. I mean, for example, when we choose a chord, such as am, we can choose the most basic original state, or we can choose medium, rich and complex chords.
Let the chord achieve a balance.
I know what you said about the list in song, but it’s still fixed. It’s not what we wrote.
What I want to say is that I find that the chords in the official chord list should be better and richer. How do we become like this? Is there any good way. In other words, you can only add keys one by one.

Perhaps it’s something that the Devs can add to the voicing menu. A catagory like in Common Progressions where we can choose Thicker, colored. Or even under the Triad menu would make sense. I think that would be a nice addition down the line.


Yes. This is what I mean.haha

It’s been something we’ve wanted to implement for a while but haven’t got to it yet. In fact, it’s a common request from the artists that use scaler, getting there. The implementation will be a little different to what you are suggesting.


I’m sure it will be quite the elegant addition. Sounds great.


Can you by any chance share the approach and also give an idea of the eta for this feature?

We’ll see this feature in 2022.